Winston Apple – Democrat for Lieutenant Governor (Missouri)

This new video is posted here on Saturday, July 30, 2016.
GOOD Government Is The Solution!!


As the election of 2016 unfolds, change is in the air.  It is clear that a large number of voters are tired of politics-as-usual and ready to turn to new leaders with fresh ideas.  A populist uprising is clearly underway, seeking to put in place a government by and for the people by electing populists to replace the corporatists that currently dominate our government.

A proper response to the climate crisis, full employment at a living wage, health care for all, and keeping higher education affordable should not be partisan issues, but the Republican Party, serving the interests of Wall Street, the big banks, and corporations, has made partisan issues of all of these and more.   Voting Republicans out of office in huge numbers is the first step in addressing all of these critical issues.


President Franklin D. Roosevelt shared a powerful idea in his 1944 State of the Union Address.  He stated that every worker has a right to a job that pays a living wage.  In his “Economic Bill of Rights” he defined a “living wage” as including not just adequate food and decent shelter, but health care for a worker and his or her family, educational opportunities, social security, and recreation.

Sadly this idea has not taken root in reality.  Far too many American workers are unemployed or under-employed.  The term “working poor” should be an oxymoron, but sadly, it is not.  To make Roosevelt’s vision a reality for American workers we need to add a little advice from Benjamin Franklin: “Well done is better than well said.”

There is only one way to make the right to a job that pays a living wage a reality for every worker in America: we need to make the federal government the employer of last resort.  There is plenty of work to be done: addressing the climate crisis by moving to clean, renewable energy as rapidly as possible and repairing and modernizing our crumbling infrastructure, at a minimum.

Winston is actively working to help Democratic candidates who support this concept win election this year.  If the Republicans hold onto control of either house of Congress, they will continue to block needed progress.

At the state level, Winston is proposing that we move toward full employment at a living wage by passing legislation for a “Green New Deal” and adequately fund jobs programs to address our crumbling infrastructure.  (See “Winston’s Platform” for more details.)


There is widespread agreement among voters that our government, corrupted by money, is now promoting the interests of Wall Street, mega banks, and corporations, instead of promoting the general welfare.

The greatest blessing that we have as citizens of the United States of America is the power to change our government with ballots instead of bullets – by exercising our right to vote. We the people need to make 2016 a transformative election.  We need to support and elect candidates who will represent the common interest instead of special interests.

The serious and immediate nature of the threat posed by the climate crisis infuses a sense of urgency into the need to replace corporatists with populists in elective offices at all levels of government.  We must vote climate champions into office and climate obstructionists out of office sooner, rather than later.  Winston Apple is a climate champion and a Roosevelt Democrat for the 21st century.

A political campaign is a team effort.  With the active participation of enough volunteers, we can win elections.  We can get Winston elected as Missouri’s Lieutenant Governor.  We can get like-minded candidates elected up and down the ballot.

“All that is necessary for the forces of good to triumph in this world is for enough good people to do something.” – Winston Apple